Fly offers a complete line solutions

to meet the needs of the security market

Airports, Ports, Rail

Airports, Ports, Rail

Fly technologies is concerned with x-ray systems, ideal for the screening of personal baggage and detection of dangerous objects.

Logistics Ports, Airports, Freight

Logistics Ports, Airports, Freight

Fly technologies deals with inspection systems, detection with metal detectors, gamma ray integrated with access control systems and localization of goods.

Public and Private Critical Buildings

Public and Private Critical Buildings

Fly technologies deals with metal detector systems and x-ray scanning. An essential tool for public and private security.

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    Access control security technology

    Dormakaba is one of the solutions for the advanced control access proposed by Fly

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    X-Ray security technology

    Fly Technologies is pleased to present products powered by Adani for the x-ray control

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    First December 2016: Fly Technologies online

    Fly is on the market with a complete range of solutions for the physical

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