About Us

About Us

Fly Technologies is a leading company focused in Italian production of integrated physical security and counterterrorism.

The long experience of Fly resources permit monitoring of the projects from the feasibility study to the design of solutions.

With a comprehensive catalog of solutions is dedicated to counter-terrorism is part of the physical check, Fly can cover all requests as well as for de novo applications, including the integration of systems already installed.

Fly Technologies, in addition to providing standard solutions, provides the industry expertise Research and Development to perform customizations that can best meet the customers’ specific needs.

The solutions proposed by Fly using the most advanced technologies for inspection and security applications not only in the airport and port, but also civil, logistics, for the protection of government and public buildings, customs, railway stations, post offices and all those places considered potential targets of terrorist attacks or unlawful activities.

Installation and maintenance are also available to Fly to ensure continuity of service and high quality of the solution provided.

Support pre-sales and after-sales of all products:

  • The site design;
  • Installation and staff training;
  • Assistance;
  • Maintenance.