Logistics Ports, Airports, Freight

Logistics Ports, Airports, Freight

Depth inspections are necessary to guarantee safety in every area in which goods moves, both inbound and outbound, by checking quickly the content of transportation.

These procedures require a logistics operation that enlarge the transit time in ports, airports, freight terminals and related customs.


  • fly_mbtelecom-roboscan_ocv-m

    RoboScan OCV M

    Cargo Scan, Scanner Gamma-Ray

    The constant increase of terrorist activities calls for fast and reliable methods of screening

  • fly_mbtelecom-roboscan_pl64

    RoboScan PL64

    Cargo Scan, Scanner Gamma-Ray

    Download documentation on the right.

  • fly_mbtelecom-roboscan_ml64

    RoboScan ML64

    Cargo Scan, Scanner Gamma-Ray

    ROBOSCAN ML64 is a highly versatile mobile imaging system, allowing 3 operating modes: One

  • fly_mbtelecom-roboscan_ocv

    RoboScan OCV

    Cargo Scan, Scanner Gamma-Ray

    Roboscan OCV uses transmission imaging, a top-down oriented x-ray generator and optimised geometry in

  • Titolo Tudor Aeria

    RoboScan AERIA DV

    Cargo Scan, Scanner Gamma-Ray

    TUDOR SCAN AERIA DV is the unique solution for aircraft security inspection according to

  • fly_mbtelecom-roboscan_aeria

    RoboScan AERIA

    Cargo Scan, Scanner Gamma-Ray

    ROBOSCAN 2M AERIA is the very first solution for aircraft security inspection according to

  • fly_mbtelecom-roboscan_pl64

    RoboScan ACV

    Cargo Scan, Scanner Gamma-Ray

    Seaport cargo screening has always been focused on containers carrying merchandise and their customs

  • fly_mbtelecom-roboscan_r1mc

    RoboScan R1MC

    Cargo Scan, Scanner Gamma-Ray

    Roboscan 1MC is MBT’s answer to the constantly growing need for high-performance cargo screening.

  • fly_kaba-meccatronica

    Mechatronic Systems

    Access Control, Mechatronics

    Dynamism, flexibility and innovation are the strengths of Fly Technologies access control system. The

  • Perimeter Intrusion Detection Technology

    Intruder, Perimeter Systems

    To respond to requests as to analysis and control for perimeter security system and

  • fly_thermal-analysis-ultra-hd

    Video Surveillance Technology Ultra / HD

    Thermal Analysis / Ultra HD, Video Surveillance

    The Use of infrared cameras and Widespread monitoring of Critical Situations and Where Needed