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The ADANI BV 6045 is intended for visual inspection of various objects (mail, hand-hold baggage and other small items) without opening them.

The BV 6045 is cost-effective and cutting-edge solution for the inspection of baggage, small and mid-size parcel. Due to its compact footprint the X-ray machine maintains mobility, so it can be easily relocated through most of the doorways.

This X-ray inspection system can be distinguished for its high throughput, flexibility, reasonable price and quick image evaluation. It meets the requirements of airports, administrative buildings, hotels, business centers, prisons and border crossings.

Dual energy imaging of this security equipment provides automatic color coding of materials with different atomic numbers so that security staff could easily identify within any parcel dangerous objects or objects that are prohibited for importing (exporting) or objects that are not declared.

The ADANI BV 6045 allows identification of weapons, explosives (including plastic explosives), drugs, primers and dangerous objects, which are safety hazard.

Device Body

  • Frame
  • Conveyor
  • Inspection tunnel
  • Distribution panel


Digital X-ray image receiver

  • X-ray sensitive digital detector
  • Electronic interface unit


X-ray unit

  • X-ray generator (mono-block)
  • Collimator (X-ray aperture)



  • Operator’s workstation
  • Set of control programs
  • Set of spare parts, tools and accessories
  • TIP software package
  • Operational documentation
  • Package

  • Exit / entry rollers
  • Operator’s desk
  • Set of test objects

The purpose of the system software is to control the operation of the Scanner as well as to provide the opportunity to acquire, visualize and process digital X-ray images. To facilitate the work of the operator, a control panel is provided. The panel makes it possible to access all the software features.

General purpose functions:

  • Password-protected logon


Self-testing and performance support functions:

  • Automatic self-testing
  • Displaying messages about operating status of the Scanner
  • Warming up the X-ray generator (the process can be started both manually and automatically)


Hardware control functions:

  • Controlling the conveyor belt drive, the protective shutter’s drive, the X-ray generator
  • Automatic changing of generator’s operating modes depending on the scanner idle time
  • Acquiring data from the X-ray detector
  • Automatically calibrating the X-ray detector
  • Turning off the X-ray generator in case of emergency
  • Indicating X-ray on


Digital X-ray image acquisition, visualization, and processing functions:

  • Acquiring images without additional algorithmic processing
  • Highlighting optically dense objects
  • Adjusting contrast of strongly absorbing objects
  • Inverting images
  • Performing gamma–correction of images
  • Optimizing the overall contrast: combination of edge enhancement and local contrast enhancement algorithms
  • Coloring images according to calculated values of atomic numbers of substances which compose objects under inspection
  • Coloring substances with atomic numbers from a selected range
  • Pseudocoloring objects with a possibility of selection of various palettes
  • Displaying organic objects with atomic numbers equal to 7, 8, and 9
  • Displaying substances according to a selected range of signal strength
  • Magnifying one out of nine predefined areas of an image
  • Zooming images up to 96x
  • Automatically highlighting suspicious objects (which can be related to drugs, explosives, or arms)


Additional functions:

  • Saving X-ray images to files
  • Storing a predefined number of images
  • Browsing the image archive
  • Copying images on external storage media (CD/DVD disks and flash-drives)
  • Viewing and copying images from a local area network
  • Automatic preparing, filing and printing service reports
  • Controlling quality of operator’s performance with the TIP program module
  • Counting inspected baggage