Conpass DA

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Fly Technologies Official Reseller : ADANI

The CONPASS DA (Door access full body X-ray security screening system) combines two-in-one: an integrated access control and effective Full body scanner with the capacity to detect a wide range of organic and inorganic objects.

CONPASS DA (Door access full body X-ray security screening system) is an integrated access control solution capable to detect a wide range of organic and inorganic objects concealed in bags, under clothing or hidden in the anatomical cavities of inspected individuals.

It is one of the latest and most advanced versions of the internationally successful CONPASS transmission full body scanner. The system can be easily integrated into existing entrance infrastructure and most access control systems. This type of personnel screening system is designed to be used at VIP facilities, military bases, critical infrastructure sites and any other applications where there is a need for the highest level of security and visitor inspection.

CONPASS DA is a complete solution which ensures access control, radiation safety, flexibility of integration and high throughput rate.

The CONPASS DA Door access full body X-ray security screening system has the following unique features which highlight its advantages as a tool for enhancing security:

  • This X-ray inspection system can have CONPASS SV/DV/LT functionality
  • Discrete selective scanning of visitors and staff
  • Opportunity to hold a suspect inside the booth
  • Low percentage of false alerts
  • Remote operation
  • Bulletproof construction option
  • Integrated 2 way communication and internal CCTV option
  • Integration with Biometric Access Control and other access control cards
  • Door lock system
  • Unique function of stealth scan from up-down