Conpass Dual View (DV)

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  • M3

Fly Technologies Official Reseller : ADANI

CONPASS DV is innovative market-leading solution that provides quick and reliable image evaluation of an inspected person.

Key features:

  • 7 seconds scan time
  • Complies with ANSI 43.17.2009
  • Can be integrated with most ACS
  • Smallest Footprint


CONPASS DV (Dual View) is the most comprehensive, safe and user friendly full body scanner intended for X-ray personnel screening.

CONPASS DV full body scanner is the latest evolution of ADANI’s market leading X-ray inspection device of a human. The unparalleled features and rich design provides flexibility and a high level of security. Proven reliability and effectiveness of this transmission full body scanner stands unmatched.

The second view (Dual View option) offers an optional high resolution image of the torso which is commonly the most critical area of X-ray inspection. Operators of this body scanner are given the added benefit of reviewing this crucial area from two different angles of CONPASS DV X-ray inspection system. This greatly increases detection capability, especially with small quantities of narcotics and other commonly smuggled substances.

CONPASS DV full body scanner is designed to meet the goals and challenges of today’s security requirements while continuously advancing to be prepared for the ever changing world of tomorrow. The platform design allows for unprecedented integration possibilities. The value protection of such a flexible, safe, and effective X-ray Inspection System will prove itself in your facility, as it’s done in others for over 15 years.

Of the all full body scanners based on similar transmission X-ray technology, the CONPASS body scanner has the biggest number of installations (more than 460) worldwide. Our X-ray security equipment safeguards homeland security all over the world.

  • Narcotics
  • Guns, knives and other items that can be used as weapons
  • Explosives and supporting components
  • Electronic devices
  • Small precious stones and rare metals

  • Prisons
  • Customs
  • Diamond and metal mines
  • High security locations such as nuclear power plants, military premises embassies, etc.
  • Industrial locations concerned about smuggling of high value goods

  • Best X-ray image quality
  • Easiest to use and operate
  • Fast throughput
  • Most flexible
  • Market Leader for over 15 years in people screening