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Fly Technologies Official Reseller : ADANI

The most effective threat and contraband X-ray scanning and imaging solution for objects located on or in the human body.


CONPASS or CONPASS SV (Single View system) is a principally new means for personnel inspection based on the use of transmitting X-ray radiation.

The unique patent-protected scanning technique of X-ray personnel security inspection system is implemented by ADANI in this X-ray full body scanner. This technology makes it possible to obtain the projection image of a person being inspected as well as to “see” what is concealed under the cloths and to look “into” the person.

The CONPASS Transmission full body scanner makes it possible to detect any kind of cold arms or fire weapons, explosives and different terrorism means, drugs as well as precious stones and metals either concealed under the cloth or swallowed or hidden in the anatomical cavities of the human body (for example, drugs in balloons) harmlessly for the inspected person providing homeland security.

The solution based on patented transmission X-ray technology eliminates the need for pat-down searches as well as dramatically increasing checkpoint efficiency. The advanced technology used in CONPASS body scanner makes screening safe for operators and individuals being inspected. The standard radiation dose of less than 0.25 μSv per scan, which is 400 times lower than the dose, received at a regular medical X-ray chest inspection. That makes CONPASS full body scanner compliant with ANSI 43.17-2009 regulation and justifies its use for general public.

CONPASS Transmission x-ray people screening system has been in the market since 1999 and with more than 460 systems installed in over 25 countries. It has proven a crucial screening and inspection tool for security managers in a wide variety of application fields.

  • Weapons (bombs, guns, knives etc.) made of metals, ceramics, plastics, wood and other materials as well as any objects that can be used as weapons (needles, nails, scissors etc.)
  • Components of blasting assemblies – detonators, wires, etc.
  • Plastic explosives
  • Narcotics
  • Electronic devices
  • Precious stones and metals
  • Chemical and biological materials in containers
  • Food & drinks
  • Any objects that can be considered as dangerous or researched for a particular use

  • Consistently faster passage through checkpoints
  • Maximizes security and eliminates need for physical searches including persons with cast devices
  • Inspection of shoes without removal – passenger friendly
  • X-ray images with absolute passenger privacy
  • Radically low radiation dosage for single inspection

The CONPASS scanner may be transported by road and railway transport in the vehicles with roofs. The transportation of the CONPASS X-ray inspection system by aircraft is only permitted in airtight compartments, in accordance with the applicable rules approved by the relevant authorities. The scanner shall be handled in accordance with the transportation marking.

  • Ambient temperature: from +5 up to plus 35°C
  • Maximum relative air humidity: 80% at the temperature of plus 25°C