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Fly Technologies Official Reseller : KABA

Dynamism, flexibility and innovation are the strengths of Fly Technologies access control system. The system, properly implemented, allows to control, monitor and schedule various procedures for authentication, always keeping under control the system.
It is possible to develop customized solutions for every need in order to meet the final customer.
To realize this Fly has partnered with Kabadorma, a global leader in access systems, offering a family of solutions that allow the creation of secure and flexible systems which can be configured without the need to cable access.
Strength is the use of just one physical key in order to open (according to permissions) all the doors of the building, only replacing the cylinder without having to replace the whole door with the Highest level of safety
Mechatronic cylinders Kaba: combination of mechanics and electronics
The mechatronic cylinders Kaba are a safe and flexible access control system that combines high security mechanics to intelligent electronics. The cylinders are perfectly integrated into existing mechanical locking systems and, thanks to the mechanical and electronic combination, allow to users new uses and applications. It is possible to program, also according to time slots, or block a lost key in short times and without needing to replace the cylinder. The integrated Kaba RFID chip smart key opens doors equipped both with mechanical and mechatronic cylinders.
The range includes versions with separate or integrated electronics module and compact cylinder version and also variants like double cylinder, cylinder with rotary pommel and half cylinder.
Wireless function
The cylinder is also available in an optional wireless version; it is connected to the central access control system through Kaba gateway. Programming is carried out easily from the computer station.
Depending on the needs of the client and the building structure, it is possible to combine harmoniously different elements for access within a finalized access control system, connected to the network:

  • The compact version is characterized by the presence of integrated electronics in the cylinder. The actual locking cylinders can be replaced quickly and easily with mechatronic cylinders with electronic verification of permits.
  • The elegant applicable box can be fixed easily on the cylinder in the inside of the door: the perfect solution for fire doors and escape routes.
  • All variants with the external electronics can be extended with a module for door status monitoring.