Perimeter Intrusion Detection Technology

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To respond to requests as to analysis and control for perimeter security system and anti intrusion systems Fly offers advanced solutions by using and integrating all the technologies available on the market today:

  • CCTV surveillance;
  • Thermal imaging cameras;
  • Microwave radar systems;
  • Laser systems.

CCTV surveillance
CCTV surveillance is one of the tools used for perimeter security. Each area / zone is controlled by cameras that store and send images to a video recorder which in turn makes them usable in a control center. The image analysis therefore allows to automatically alert the operator to the occurrence of a particular event. advanced video analysis software can help you identify objects, assaults, paths.

Thermal imaging cameras
The cameras are a special type of camera, sensitive to infrared radiation, able to get images or thermographic imaging. They allow the detection of objects even in the absence of light working on infrared radiation.

Microwave radar systems
Radar systems are the most cost effective solution for perimeter detection and protection with superb detection capabilities at all conditions and easy installation.
By utilizing state of the art MIMO & Digital beam forming technology the radar covers an area of more than 250,000m2(>61acres) with a detection range of 400m for walker and 600m for vehicle/boat, and yet consumes extremely low power (<3.5W) and has small form factor. It boasts an ultra-high range resolution of 0.4m giving it excellent performance in cluttered environments. Its small size, low power consumption and low weight make it simple to install and renders it ideal as a deployable system as well

Laser systems
A technology that meets the requirements of defending against unauthorized access to vulnerable vehicle underbody for explosive placement and/or vehicle sabotage.

The system meet the following specifications:

  • Full 360° underbody coverage;
  • Warning delivery for all underbody area penetration;
  • Simple internet operation and control
  • Secure area around the vehicle
  • System activates automatically only after vehicle switched off or manually
  • Deliverable warnings by siren, visual, mms and sms, dispatch and remote pc communication;
  • Smart phone operable;
  • Independent post setup operative, connected to vehicle battery and it’s own backup power supply