RoboScan ACV

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Fly Technologies Official Reseller : MBTELECOM

Seaport cargo screening has always been focused on containers carrying merchandise and their customs control but lately there is a constantly growing interest in security and threat detection.

The empty container flows were always assumed to be safer but the higher and higher terrorist alert level all around the world imposes addressing all aspects of seaport operations and the emergence of new security screening approaches.

Roboscan ACV is a drive-through x-ray scanner that allows real-time empty container validation at speeds of up to 15 km/h. The system is modular and designed for easy integration into existing traffic management systems.

Additional empty container flow management features include advanced technology options like automatic licence plate and container code recognition systems, remote automatic driver authentication, fully autonomous traffic management and customisable software functionality.

Fully unmanned operation is possible as empty / not empty decision is automatic, with positive effects on operating costs and productivity. Remote operation, Threat Image Projection and operator multiplexing are also available depending on the security procedures specific to each installation location. Networked implementations are possible in multi-scanner locations for centralised management.

The Roboscan Automatic Container Validator (ACV) is designed to have minimal impact on existing infrastructure, fast deployment and low maintenance costs. Radiation safety for drivers and by-standers was always a driver of our achievements and the ACV makes no exception with its state-of-the art radiation shielding design and monitoring subsystems.