Titolo Tudor Aeria
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Fly Technologies Official Reseller : Tudor Scan Tech

TUDOR SCAN AERIA DV is the unique solution for aircraft security inspection according to our
patented design, designed to scan aircrafts ranging from small private jets up to the largest
commercial planes, giving the operator the capability to detect within minutes threats, illegal
or undeclared goods.

The scanning process is remotely operated inside airport premises with
minimal impact for routine operations, without any human exposure to ionizing radiations and is
the only fast and efficient technology capable to clear civil aircrafts under bomb threat, being also
the only tool capable to fight against contraband with narcotics, explosives, guns, high values and
illegal transports of money in cash.

The classic method of physical security inspection implies long delays in the streamline airport
traffic and reduced chances to find bombs or hidden objects, due to limited access of the security
inspectors inside the technical cavities of the fuselage, tail and wings that generates a systemic
vulnerability in civil aviation.