RoboScan AERIA

  • M2

Fly Technologies Official Reseller : Tudor Scan Tech

ROBOSCAN 2M AERIA is the very first solution for aircraft security inspection according to our patented design, intended to scan aircrafts ranging from small private jets to medium-sized commercial airplanes, giving the operator the capability to detect threats, illegal or undeclared goods.

The scanning process is remotely operated inside airport premises with minimal impact for routine operations, without any human exposure to ionising radiations.

Currently, the passengers and their luggage are thoroughly inspected but auxiliary services and private jets, especially those arriving from small private airports with low security level, can be an important vector for contraband with weapons, narcotics and currency and so far security officers could do very little to fight against it.

ROBOSCAN 2M AERIA is a unique tool, closing this gap in aviation security, allowing scanning in minutes the entire aircraft without crew or passengers on board.