RoboScan OCV M

  • M2

Fly Technologies Official Reseller : Tudor Scan Tech

The constant increase of terrorist activities calls for fast and reliable methods of screening vehicles.
High-security facilities need high-tech equipment and efficient measures to address this new
challenging environment. Our response is a safe and cost-effective mobile scanner that achieves top
imaging performance with an extremely low radiation dose for the vehicle occupants.

Tudor Scan OCV-M incorporates our proprietary technology that has received considerable
international acclaim over the past years. Developed with a constant focus on high performance and
unparralelled reliability, it can scan up to 400 vehicles per hour in search for contraband or threats
such as weapons, improvised explosive devices or other forbidden items.

The flexibility of OCV-M allows fast adjustments of the scanning frame allowing optimal scanning
of small and large vehicles. In case of atypical vehicles, the boom holding the X-ray generator can be
elevated and more detection modules can be added.


  • Airports
  • Correctional facilities
  • Governmental buildings
  • Temporary checkpoints
  • Access points to high-risk urban areas
  • VIP security
  • Border crossings