RoboScan R1MC

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Fly Technologies Official Reseller : Tudor Scan Tech

Roboscan 1MC is MBT’s answer to the constantly growing need for high-performance cargo screening. Developed in close cooperation with the professionals securing over 2000 kilometers of European Union border, Roboscan 1MC easily provides unparalleled top performance for law enforcement authorities and for high-security private facilities as well without losing its focus on value and reduced operating costs.

It is the most technologically advanced gamma scanner available in the world market with impressive image analisys capabilities that ensure the highest productivity for cargo inspeciton applications without compromising the safety and security of the operators. Roboscan 1MC’s internationally patented remote operation principle is a unique feature with positive impact on operation costs, making it the only mobile scanner that guarantees zero professional radiation exposure for its operators and total protection against incidents caused by dangerous cargo or terrorist attempts targeting security checkpoints.

Having gathered a consistent amount of international awards including The World Intellectual Property Organisation „Invention of the year” award, MB Telecom’s proven concept has received international validation both from the scientific communitiy and from security professionals on all continents.

MBT’s R&D efforts are constanly focused on increasing the functionality of our products and as a result we have taken our imaging performance to the next level by adding material separation to our list of unique features along with image resolution performance at least three times better than the industry standard. Along with an overall weight of less than five tons allowing the use of any category of public roads for access to even the most remote border crossings, Roboscan 1MC is the obvious choice for today’s cargo checkpoints that need tomorow’s technology advantages.